about Ida Karoline Thomsen
Ida Karoline Thomsen

I am a visual communicator living in Oslo. I have always loved to create. I see art in every room I enter into and in every face I meet. I believe in making people happier, and I believe good design and storytelling is completely necessary in any persons road to happiness.

Ever since I found a book on movie-making as a twelve year old girl, and got my first video camera, I have made an invisible spark visible through creating videos. I come alive when I brainstorm ideas, imagine, visualize, write or film stories.

Stories are at the core of identity. Humans have always been sharing stories, because it moves our feelings, Through stories we share, we connect. I want to be able to really connect with people in my storytelling. To share not just words, but feelings: giving value through making people feel a certain way. That´s what want my storytelling to do. In fact that’s the aim in all my videos, illustrations, conversations and designs.